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batsman_hitwicketmindthestumps is a cricket column penned by Rob Flude, who was the Sports Editor of The South African (TSA), a London-based community newspaper and online portal for expats around the globe.

In late 2008, Rob set off on a trip to Australia to watch his beloved Proteas play Australia in a Test series, one which they won, becoming the first South African team to win a Test series Down Under. And he was there to write about his experiences in the partisan Australian crowd, chugging on expensive beer and over-zealous crowd control officers. While the name mindthestumps was not born until a number of years later, the column had origins on that tour.

Rob enjoys feedback and debate on his articles, so please be a keyboard warrior (but don’t be one of “those” who makes unsubstantiated claims). Healthy, lively debate is what we’re after.

Rob is a passionate cricket fan and former (social) player and has lived in Cape Town, London and Melbourne. He has travelled the world to watch cricket, always preferring to imbibe over a beer or two with other fans and get their opinions, rather than writing blow-by-blow match reports and technical analysis.

His writing style thus poses interesting questions, humorous anecdotes and well-balanced views, all in the name of spreading his love for the magnificent game of cricket.

This is your forum as much as it is mine.


P.S. Rob also enjoys writing in the third person.

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